From Sea to Farm … Liquid Kelp Soil Enhancer

The all-natural biodynamic boost for your plants

Enjoy growing your plants with SEA FARM cold-press extract, made from Salish Sea Kelp which we sustainably grow and harvest in Canada’s Salish Sea.

Making the difference:
biostimulants and plant growth regulators

Whether used as a foliar spray, root soak or rooting hormone, SEA FARM liquid kelp soil enhancer is more than just nutrients, it is packed with trace elements and natural plant growth hormones.

It’s great for all types of indoor & outdoor plants, flowers & vegetables and promotes vegetative growth, aids in disease resistance and allows for retention of moisture in soil.
Lab analysis shows a broad spectrum of micronutrients, including Boron & Potassium, yet NPK values are mild, so plants are not a t risk of over fertilization or burn.

Easy to dose: Use as a foliar spray (250:1), rooting hormone (full strength 100%) or soil conditioner (mix with fresh water at 200:1 / 5 ml for every litre) – apply in early mornings or evenings.
More than just nutrients…

Kelp fertilizer is unique, during the decomposition or fermentation of the seaweed many natural components are released that aren’t found in many regular fertilizers. These plant growth stimulators include growth hormones (gibberellines, auxins & cytokinins), Amino Acids, Bioactive Carbohydrates and beneficial Funghi and Bacteria.
…for healthier plants and better results

Biostimulants play a crucial role for plant growth and development and for a healthy structure of the soil. They stimulate natural processes beneficial for nutrient uptake and help to develop tolerance to abiotic stress. Regular use of our Kelp fertilizer results in healthier soil environment and improved crop yield.

Calcium (%) 0.03 Copper (mg/kg) 0.13
Phosporus (%) 0.01 Iron (mg/kg) 10.29
Magnesium (%) 0.02 Zinc (mg/kg) 0.40
Potassium (%) 0.36 Boron (ppm) 3.72
Sustainable and Canadian

Our SEA FARM soil enhancer is made of Pacific Sea Kelp sustainably harvested in Canada’s Salish Sea. While it grows, Kelp absorbs at least as much CO 2 as trees do without taking valuable land or consuming fresh-water. Our Kelp farm supports a biodiverse marine habitat and the remediation of the marine ecosystem.